Funny Quotes From My Personal Heroes.

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Cat Facts Cat Owners Will Find Useful 😺

IMG_3168(The photo above is my cat Luna)

I seem to have missed international cat day, which was on August 8th. So here are some cool things you might not know.

1) Cats are perfectly capable of recognizing your voice. They just choose to ignore it. (But you probably already knew that.)

2) You can calm your cat by maintaing eye contact while opening and closing your eyes slowly

3) Owning a cat can reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke by a third.

4) Cats do not respond to punishment

5) You probably grew up with the notion that cats drank warm bowls of milk, but actually most cats are lactose intolerant.

I hate my retainer

I got a retainer yesterday, as you can probably tell by the title. It hurts! A lot!! 😖

Basically it’s this little metal band on my front teeth, only there’s a lot of plastic on the front and back, for some reason. It makes it difficult to talk. And it’s really painful, especially to put in. If I ever had to torture someone, I think I’d threaten to make them wear a retainer. Or, even worse, make them floss after an hour or two of wearing a retainer. Ouch!

If they’d worn a retainer as a child, their mind would flash back to images of childhood pain. And I’d get whatever info I needed. 😈

Anyway, despite the painful and uncomfortable experience I am trying to RETAIN a sense of calm. (Ha ha) Does anyone have any advice? 😫



Hello, fellow blue fawns!

Hello, fellow blue fawns!

IMG_1393IMG_0339Hi, fawns! 🦌 Anna here! This marks my very first post on Blue Fawn Pink Manga. I’m going to be mostly posting about things that have been happening, but here’s a little recap of my summer.

I went to England, where I learnt to skate on these weird skates where you have to kind of lean back to skate. 

Our cat Luna ate our hydrangeas and was sick twice. 😿 I am pleased to report that she’s better now. The photo above is her recovery. She is currently starring as a tapir in a movie directed by my sister, Stella the Tapir.  

We’ve recently been going to the beach. The other photo is my father, buried in the sand. We dubbed him “Sir Bikini”! 😆 We also gave him a love heart tattoo.

I am dreading going back to school! Summer’s been so fun! 😢😢😢

See you soon!